Kust saaks odavalt 300tk PlayStation 3 mängukonsooli?

PlayStation 3

Nimelt on käsil Õhujõududel (Air Force) labaratoorne katse. Arvatavasti selgitamaks kas PS3 abil on võimalik maha võtta midagi väärtuslikku.

The Air Force Research Laboratory is conducting a technology assessment of certain cell processors. The processors in the Sony PlayStation 3 are the only brand on the market that utilizes the specific cell processor characteristics needed for this program at an acceptable cost.

Nii, et kui sul on kusagilt võtta 300 PlayStation3 siis otsi endale rekka ja vii kohale 😉

The contractor shall provide the following items on a firm fixed price basis:

Item 1: Sony PlayStation 3 Game Console – 40 GB Hard Drive

Qty: 300

Sony Part Number 98006

The estimated delivery date is 30 days after receipt of award. The place of delivery, acceptance, and FOB destination point is F4HBL1/Transportation Depot 2, 148 Electronic Parkway, Rome, NY 13441-4516.

Via Engadget, via Air Force