Xamarin University Presents: Ship Better Apps with Visual Studio App Center

Mark Smith shows you how to automate your app development pipeline with Visual Studio App Center. You’ll walk through how to connect your app to App Center and start improving your development process and your apps immediately.

Jam-packed with step-by-step demos, this session has something for everyone, from app development beginners to seasoned pros who’ve built dozens of apps.

In this webinar recording, you’ll:

• Connect your first app and add the Visual Studio App Center SDK in minutes
• Kick off continuous cloud builds, straight from your source control repo
• Run automated UI tests on thousands of real devices and hundreds of configurations
• Distribute to beta testers or app stores with every successful build, or on-demand
• Engage users with targeted push notifications in a few easy steps
• Get technical guidance and advice from our app experts

Upload deck at https://www.slideshare.net/Xamarin/xamarin-university-presents-ship-better-apps-with-visual-studio-app-center/