When to Replace Motorcycle Gear: Outdated, Dangerous and Dead

Still using Grandpa’s old riding jacket? How about that special-edition helmet from Stoner’s last championship? Maybe you shouldn’t be. Or maybe you should. Here’s our take on how long motorcycle gear can last.

0:34 – New Motorcycle Helmet (5 years): https://frt9.co/fy1hxm
2:36 – Scott No Sweat Helmet Beanie: https://frt9.co/g0udlg
4:03 – New Motorcycle Gloves (20,000 km): https://frt9.co/jjuoee
4:45 – New Reflective Jacket (7 years): https://frt9.co/3caicd
5:22 – New D3O Armor (4 years): https://frt9.co/mwokri
6:29 – Motul Leather Cleaner and Protector: https://frt9.co/kxgfqq

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