TOLDJASO: Macbook CLASS ACTION lawsuit on FAILING butterfly keyboards!

Time and time again, people laugh, yet I so often wind up being right. 🙂

My video on failing keyboards:

Gizmodo’s article:

My response to this article + accusations of sexism levied against me:

My review of the new Macbook Pro in 2016 pointing out that the keyboard was garbage:

Class action lawsuit:

👉Lenovo X1 Carbon:
👉Lenovo P51:

A Macbook keyboard dies if you put it on the desk. When it breaks, they quote $475-$750 to repair it.

A Lenovo keyboard doesn’t die when you pour half a gallon of water on it WHILE IT’S ON – and if it does die, they overnight you a replacement board/CPU/keyboard for free. See for yourself.

Apple won’t even fix a machine for money. $45 billion a year in profit, $900 billion market cap and they can say with a straight face “we don’t have parts for the $5000 iMac you bought a few months ago and we don’t have technicians trained on basic parts swaps.”

Stop giving Apple money until they start treating you with respect and decency!
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