New vs Used Motorcycle Gloves – Crash Tested

In this episode of Crash Test we put two identical motorcycle gloves to the test. The only difference in the gloves is that one has seen over 20,00KM of service. How much safety do will you loose over time? That’s the questions we hope to answer.

Test Subject:
Klim Adventure Gloves –

0:28 – SeaWorld – Water Resistance Test
1:02 – Rambos Corner: Puncture Test
2:00 – Rambos Corner: Seam Strength
2:27 – Rambos Corner: Knuckle Armour Test
3:24 – Rambos Corner: Abrasion Resistance Test
4:20 – The Burn Unit: Heat Resistance
5:30 – Scoring & The Aftermath

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