How Game Grumps Created Dream Daddy – Noclip Documentary

How does a popular gaming YouTube channel make the pivot to video games development? And why? Guest host Alanah Pearce visits the Game Grumps to uncover the unlikely story of Dream Daddy – the gay dad dating sim with a heart of gold.

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Project edited and colored by Jeremy Jayne

Music Used:
Smile At Me 4 – Tim Garland
Cloud Drift – Paul Mottram
Moving Patterns – Philip Guyler
Happy Ever After – Philip Guyler, John Stax
An Adventure – Philip Guyler, John Stax
Hyperlapse – Bob Bradley
Binary Code – Philip Guyler
Albedo – Philip Guyler
Levitate 2 – Bob Bradley, Steve Dymond, Matt Sanchez
Sonic Germinations – Dan Skinner, Adam Skinner
Reflection Space 2 – Alex Arcoleo
Your Destiny 5 – Barrie Gledden, Jason Pedder
Nova Bossa Amor 2 – Jair Claudino Rodrigues
Dawn Chorus 2 – George Georgia
Sky Haze – Richard Lacy

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