Get the Most Out of iOS 11 with Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin

Craig Dunn shows what’s new in iOS 11 and how to take advantage of the latest updates – from drag-and-drop for iPad to machine learning and more – 100% in .NET and Visual Studio. Whether you’re building new or updating existing Xamarin.iOS apps, you’ll see how to implement new frameworks, APIs, and UI features, walk-through code samples, get expert tips and tricks, so you can start shipping iOS 11-ready apps to your users.

In this webinar recording, you’ll:
• Dive into what .NET developers need to know about iOS 11
• Add iOS 11 features to new and existing Xamarin apps with step-by-step examples
• Explore iOS 11 UI changes, including adapting to the iPhone X form factor
• Ensure backwards compatibility with prior OS versions
• Learn how to incorporate Azure Machine Learning tools into CoreML
•Ask questions and receive guidance from our team of app experts

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