Exploring UrhoSharp 3D with Xamarin Workbooks

Charles Petzold shows you how to build a 3D app from the ground up with UrhoSharp and Xamarin Workbooks. UrhoSharp is a powerful, high performance 3D graphics engine suitable for games, animation, and data visualization. UrhoSharp and Xamarin Workbooks give developers a streamlined way to get started with 3D graphics programming quickly.

Regardless whether you’re using UrhoSharp to target Android, iOS, macOS, Xamarin.Forms, or Windows, you can use Workbooks to develop and perfect your UrhoSharp code. The Workbooks approach brings an interactive immediacy to 3D graphics that inspires experimentation, exploration, and discovery.

Along the way he’ll reveal techniques for:
• Algorithmically deriving 3D vertices
• Using vectors and cross products to build surfaces
• Applying transforms and textures
• Importing predefined 3D models
• Animating everything

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