Cheap vs Expensive Motorcycle Helmet – Crash Tested

Have you ever considered using a cheap no-name motorcycle helmet? Probably not! But at Crash Test we like to answer the questions that nobody asked. So, we took a trip to eBay and bought a $30 motorcycle helmet to destroy for your entertainment.

Test Subject:
Scorpion EXO R710: vs AHP “???”

0:54 – Seaworld Waterproofing
1:31 – Soundproofing
1:40 – Rambos Corner: Puncture Test
2:18 – The Batting Cage: Impact Protection Test
2:51 – The Batting Cage: Abrasion Resistance
3:29 – Gold Town: Chin Bar Strength
4:18 – Scoring & The Aftermath
BONUS – 4:54 – The Burn Unit

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