5 Telltale Signs of a Bad Used Motorcycle

Buying a used bike, or a lemon? Here are 5 methods to Sherlock your way into a good buy. Mechanical, electrical, psychological – it’s all elementary, my dear Watson.

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Our Bike Test Toolkit:
3:09 – Pressure Gauge: https://frt9.co/awk2gt
4:20 – Sunglasses: https://frt9.co/fe50b2
5:03 – Flashlight: https://frt9.co/vaqi6d
5:16 – Multimeter: https://frt9.co/01ly9k
5:30 – Coolant Test Strips

Our Motorcycle Video Gear Setup:
Klim Krios Helmet: https://frt9.co/v6hxj4
Icon Raiden DKR Jacket: https://frt9.co/i0b5ym
Scorpion Trey Pants: https://frt9.co/nnvixb
Icon Patrol 2 Boots: https://frt9.co/b4xu37
Icon Patrol Waterproof Gloves: https://frt9.co/og42r6

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