4 Mechanical Jobs Every Motorcyclist Should Learn

RyanF9 sucks at mechanics. Even still, he eventually mastered these essential tasks that every motorcyclist should learn. Have you?

Mechanic Jobs Every Motorcyclist Should Learn:

0:11 – How to Balance a Wheel (Truing Stand): https://frt9.co/tqci5w
1:18 – How to Balance a Wheel (Wheel Weights): https://frt9.co/6d8f1z
2:19 – How to Gap a Spark Plug: https://frt9.co/q5wl5a
4:34 – How to Break and Rivet a Chain (Breaker Tool): https://frt9.co/3idol2
6:23 – How to Break and Rivet a Chain (Master Link): https://frt9.co/es3kfe
8:27 – How to Check Wheel Alignment

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